The remains of a 19th century barn at Warner's Ranch

Saturday June 1st marks the opening of Warner-Carrillo Ranch House after a lengthy restoration project. The adobe ranch house was originally built in 1857 and served as a stopping place for frontiers men and women traveling on the Butterfield Overland Stage Route.

On Saturday I’ll be assisting Nick and Dave at the opening event, but today we had the opportunity to do some location scouting. We took turns sharing one dark box, focusing on the outside of the newly restored Warner-Carrillo Ranch House, but towards the end of the day I discovered an interesting angle while exploring inside the ruined 19th century adobe barn. I set myself up for a 15 second exposure, which turned out to be severely under exposed even with about ~25 seconds of develop time. Omar prepared a plate for my camera and tried the same shot using a 45 second exposure time, which looked a lot better but we all agreed more time was needed. Right before we started packing up for the day I tried one last shot with an exposure of 60 seconds (it’s really boring counting to yourself for an extended period of time) and then I developed for about ~20 seconds and the above photo was the result.

Click here for more information on the Warner-Carrilo Ranch House Grand Opening
Wikipedia: Warner’s Ranch

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